What’s an Enneagram? I want one!

Learn your Enneagram type to understand:

  • What drives you forward
  • What is most likely to hold you back
  • What a healthy version of your personality can be like
  • What you can be like when you’re at your worst!
  • How your type interacts with others you want to get along with

What you need to know about the Enneagram:

  • Description of your basic personality type (one of 9 categories)
  • Tries to describe what growth and dysfunction look like within your type
  • Goes to greater lengths than most systems of personality description to explain personal uniqueness – therefore is more complicated!
  • There are free tests online to help direct you toward what your type is, but you can also read the descriptions to identify yourself if you’re somewhat self-aware
  • It’s not religious or cultic even though the name and symbol kind of give that impression 🙂

What I found most helpful:

  • Learning my own type shed light on my motivations for being a missionary – and how strange it feels to step out of ministry for the time being
  • Learning my husband’s type helped me understand why we approach life so differently and what motivates him
  • I loved the “Levels of Development” described for my type. It was like seeing a ladder from myself at my weakest to my most healthy and effective self.
  • I could easily see myself in my type when I read the description – if you have the patience to read the descriptions and if you know yourself well, this may be enough for you. Otherwise try an online test!

Helpful links:

Descriptions of types from Enneagram Institute

Free test (unofficial)

Official test ($12 and 40 minutes)

Share your discoveries about your own personality in the comments!

2 thoughts on “What’s an Enneagram? I want one!

  1. I saw some books on this at the bookstore last week but didn’t have time to take a look at them. Looking forward to reading the links and checking this out:)

    Liked by 1 person

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